Volunteer Spotlight

The quilting world is blessed with generous, loving quilters who give of themselves, their time and talent on an on-going basis. The Giving Quilt will be recognizing some of these selfless, unsung heroes with a certificate of appreciation. If there is someone in the quilting world that you wish to acknowledge in this way, please contact a Giving Quilt board member or send an email to thegivingquiltinc@gmail.com with the name of the person and details regarding their contribution to our community.

The Giving Quilt, Inc. is proud to announce that our Volunteer Spotlight is focused on quilt shop owner Daisy Comeaux of Cottage Quilts & Creations in St. Gabriel, LA.  In her spare time she is also the current president of River City Quilt Guild in Baton Rouge and a group leader for The National Quilts of Valor Foundation.

A busy lady, Daisy has a long history of donating her time, energy and talents to various worthy causes. She began supporting TGQ soon after it was incorporated and designated as a 501(c)3 non-profit. She not only helped us procure the St. Gabriel Community Center for the first official Giving Quilt Show, but she also arranged for the Knights of Columbus to provide food for the event. She also helped procure several corporate sponsorships during our early days as a fledging corporation. Because of her many contributions and wise counsel, TGQ found its wings.

Since those early days, Daisy has continued to contribute in many ways. She has given us discounts on fabric for multiple projects and has donated part of the profits from the sale of challenge fabric to the group. She has sponsored awards for the quilt show challenge winners, and she is always on the look out for corporate sponsorships. This year she was instrumental in contacting with the challenge fabric manufacturer. We can be assured that the fabric will be available over the course of this challenge.

But most of all, Daisy has a generous heart and gives expecting nothing in return. Her recognition as an outstanding volunteer is way over due. 

The Giving Quilt spotlight is shining on Patti Jarreau! Patti remembers playing witdolls under her mother, Bobbie Stirrat’s, sewing machine while she sewed. Bobbie, an excellent seamstress, made all of her daughter’s clothes including their bridesmaid and wedding dresses. Patti said she was 16 before she got a store-bought dress. Patti remembers always being interested in fabric and in sewing, and sewed for her sons when they were smaller.

In the late 1980’s, Patti became interested in quilting. She loved going to The Thimble, the only local quilt shop, to visit with Willie Holt and Myla Sue Matherne. Patti joined the River City Quilt Guild which only had about 15 members back then. Soon after, she joined Remember Me. She influenced co-worker, Suzi Montague, to join both guilds too. Patti has always been “up for a quilt trip” and went on many retreats and excursions. Patti, Suzi, and Eileen Parent (who has since moved to Maine) became regulars on quilting adventures. Patti was always the trip organizer, always bought something, and always enjoyed herself wherever she went.

Patti has a giving heart and was presented with a Giving Quilt certificate of appreciation on May 10, 2014, at Patti’s Pillowcase Party. For years she has supported the Giving Quilt and Wasted Women with regular donations of high-quality fabric and quilting kits. Patti says that like many quilters, she may “over buy” a little. Since her stroke she has trouble cutting accurately and has found kits with precise amounts of fabric challenging. Instead of despairing, Patti has seen those kits come to life through her donations.

Both Patti and her husband Cecil are cancer survivors. She gets much joy from making and donating pillowcases to children with cancer. Patti has used her “tribulations” to bless others. Patti, thank you. We love you.

Volunteer of the Quarter, Norma McDaniel
The Giving Quilt spotlight is shining on Norma McDaniel. She is an accomplished seamstress who made the crossover to quilting several years ago.  As early as 2008, she offered to quilt tops for the Wasted Women Bee as a method to increase her quilting skills on her new long arm machine. Since that first stitch, she has not stopped adding her creative touch to the quilt tops that have been sewn by our dedicated group of quilters.  Her service to The Giving Quilt via Wasted Women has been truly remarkable. As the primary machine quilter for WWB, Norma has donated countless hours to our cause, often using her own supplies to get the quilts back to us in record time.  When there were no tops to quilt, she would take home a kit or two with her to sew, and then quilt (and she does binding, too!).
To quote Norma , “Quilting became my passion, my therapy.   For a few years I sold my quilts as well as other projects, at a local craft fair, which was held annually.  That became a “drudge” because I was spending the whole year replenishing my inventory and had no time to enjoy the art of quilting or learn new styles and techniques. I graduated to an official long arm quilting machine on a 10 foot frame .  My name, “Stitches ‘n Styles” may not sound appropriate for a quilting business, but it seems to have stuck.”  She definitely has style in her quilting today.
Norma lives in Denham Springs and can be contacted via email at mrs.mac21@att.net