Ragtime Fun!!

Ragtime Fun

Our thanks to everyone who participated
Ragtime Fun on January 21, 2012!!

The Giving Quilt supplied each participant with a kit containing die-cut fray-edged blocks. and eighteen rag quilts were completed that day! Thanks to the efforts of the Ragtime participants, the Wasted Women's Bee and Granny Hugs members The Giving Quilt presented more that 30 quilts to hospitalized children through the Baton Rouge Quilts for Kids organization.

There are several people to thank for making this event so successful. 

  • Everyone who donated flannel; Wasted Women, Granny Hugs, Sherry Herringshaw, Diane Parker, Patty Jareau, Noreen Mazzaroppi, Kim Wagner, and Candy Bergeron.
  • Those who helped prepare the kits; Annette Lanoux, Libby Mire, Patricia Freeman, Gayle Millet, Carolyn Bacile, Diane Parker, Noreen Mazzaroppi, Connie Day, Kim Wagner and Candy Bergeron.
  • Everyone who donated doorprizes.