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Weighted Quilt Instructions

Never use with an infant or toddler.

The size and weight of the quilt should be appropriate for the child. The quilt is most effective if it is 6% to 10% of the child’s body weight. The quilts made today will weigh 5.8 and 10 pounds and will be suitable for children weighing 58-99 pounds and 100-167 pounds, respectively.  

The size and number of pockets in each quilt were determined along with the weight of stone to be placed in each pocket. The stones are pre-measured for each quilt. The instructions for today start at #4.


·         Backing

·         Batting

·         Muslin

·         Top (The backing batting and muslin should be 3 inches larger than the top on each side, the top and bottom.)

·         TopFin Premium Aquarium Gravel, 10# Polished Peb, or equivalent.

·         Binding


1.      Layer the back, batting, muslin and top in that order.

2.      Sew the sides and bottom of the quilt. Cut off excess fabric from the sides and bottom of quilt.

3.      Sew channels the length of the quilt. Each channel is the width of the pocket.

4.      Deposit the stones from a pre-measured bag in each channel between the top and the muslin. Slide the stones to the bottom of the quilt.

5.      Sew a horizontal line across the width of the quilt in the appropriate place to form the first row of pockets. Keep a finger on the sewing path as you sew to insure that stones are not going to get under the needle.  The “appropriate place” may be found by following the printed design of the fabric or by following a line marked with masking tape. Most pockets are about 4 inches deep.

Tip: As the quilt gets heavier, the harder it is for your machine to move it with the feed dogs. Hold the weight of the quilt up to ease the stress on your machine.

6.      Repeat 4 and 5 until all of the pockets are formed.

7.      Sew binding to the back of the quilt. Turn and sew to the front to complete the quilt.