Granny Hugs

Granny Hugs was born of a need of older quilters (Grannies) to continue living
their passion.  All their children, grandchildren, and in some cases, great-grandchildren had received quilts from them, yet their need for making and giving quilts away still burned in their 
hearts.  Thus, the founding  of Granny Hugs, creativity unleashed and charity unending, in a working social of cutting squares, counting squares, planning quilt tops, and sewing squares into works of art for charity. 

Granny Huggers meet once a month for a sew day.  Behind the scenes planning and preparation by the volunteer members makes these work days very productive.  During the month, fabric is sorted, cut, and assembled into kits to be sewn by Granny Hugs sewers on their work day. 

Their work, though focused on quilts for the sick and needy, is not limited to quilts. Often a project, such as sewing turbans for cancer centers, is presented and the work day becomes an “assembly-line” project where Granny Huggers participate in a particular portion of the finished project.  This way, by the end of the work day up to 45 turbans can be completed.  On some workdays, the ladies come to sew pillowcases.  The pillowcases are made of happy “kiddy” prints and have colorful hems and accent trim.  The ladies revel in these days, because pillowcases are so easy to sew and present instant gratification when completed. 

On other sew days Granny Huggers work as a team to sew a single quilt top, each sewer completing a block for the quilt. By the end of the work day, we have a finished quilt top.  We all leave these work days with feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing that “in our giving, WE have received.”  

Granny Hugs meets from 9:15 AM to 2 PM on the last Friday of the month at St. Mark's Catholic Church, 42021 LA 621, Gonzales, in the Pavilion near the 3 Crosses. Please come if you would like to join this active, giving group. You need not be a Granny to be involved. For more information, call Annette Lanoux at 225-622-2147.

Granny Huggers offer their thanks to The Giving Quilt for helping them in their ongoing charity work.