Board Members/Committee Heads

Board Members and Committee Heads may be contacted at
Board Members
President:  Renee Hoeprich
Vice-President:  Jan Bourgeois
Treasurer:  Gaye Smith
Secretary:  Candy Bergeron
Membership Director: Connie Day
Guild Representative:  Margie Bumm, Gulf States Quilting Association
Guild Representative: Connie Ewbank, Wasted Women
Guild Representative:  Barbara Hoffman, River City Quilt Guild
Guild Representative:  Suzie Montague, Remember Me Quilt Guild
Past President:  Roberta Wilson
Exhibit Committee Heads
Quilt Exhibit Director: Linda Wiggins and Renee Hoeprich, co-chairs 
Activities Director:  Renee Hoeprich
Awards Director: 
Door Prizes Director: 
Logistics Director:  Sherry Herringshaw
Merchant Mall: Gaye Smith
Publicity Director:  Jan Bourgeois
Quilt Submission Director:  Candy Bergeron
Volunteers Director: 
Web Design: Candy Bergeron